What’s the weather?


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This week on our class blog we will be letting you know what we have been getting up to in geography so far.  We are learning about the weather which is a good topic with all the various weather types we seemed to have at the moment.  The session starts with a story about a cloud who wants to be bigger so she can help people.  It turns out that she can make herself bigger to give the frogs back their pond which has dried up.  We enjoy exploring all the props and talking about the different weathers.  After the circle we go off into different activities.  Some of us have a sensory session exploring the different props to see which ones we like.  Others have a suitcase and we have to decide which items we would need for a sunny day and which ones for a cold or rainy day.  The last activity is to look at different pictures and talk about what the weathers are and what we  would need for this.  We really enjoy these and are getting really good at identifying the different weathers.

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to hearing all of the children’s news on Monday.


Welcome Back!


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A new school year has started and all the staff and children in Crossroads have got stuck straight into it.
There are new faces in Crossroads amongst the children and staff. Those children who have remained in class are showing the new ones what being in crossroads looks like. This who have moved up are proving that they were ready and have got stuck into the routines of a new class.
Staff wise we have a new team. Craig is our teacher, Vicky G is the level 3 teaching assistant and Michelle, Sarah, Mary and Chloe are the level 2 teaching assistants. We also have Matt who comes in to help us over the dinner time. During the week there will be other members of school staff who help us at various times.
For the first week blog we will let you know what daily life is like in Crossroads.  In the morning , when we arrive, there are activities for us to do which we enjoy choosing from.  Some of us get moved into different pieces of equipment ready to start learning.  Once we have all arrived we take part in an energetic dance to burn off some energy and wake up our bodies.  We then take part in a registration session where we find out who is in class as, as well as finding out what the day and date are and our timetable for the day.  We are then ready to start our learning.  Our lessons tend to follow the same structure of a circle time, followed by group activities and then a circle time to find out how we have got on.  After our first lesson we have a break time outside and then a snack.  We will then continue learning in another lesson.  This is followed by lunch time before our third lesson of the day.  We then have another break and a drink, followed by the fourth lesson of the day.  It is then time to go home.  It is a busy day and even when we are not in specific lessons we are learning all the time.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog over the next year and finding out what we have been learning.

Don’t forget to let us know what your child has been doing at the weekend.

Crossroads Team

Crossroads Newsletter 13th July 2017


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Wow! What a busy term we have had in Crossroads. We have enjoyed a fantastic MADD week, the children loved it and had a great time in all the various activities. We made some brilliant art work and displayed it on the final day. The children loved the music session (as always) with John Morrow.
We have also had healthy eating day where we enjoyed lots of food related activities. Crossroads picked their favourite ingredients to make their own smoothies with.
Maths day also took place where lots of different schools came to visit Pear Tree and enjoy the various maths activities on offer. This was lots of fun and Crossroads enjoyed their day.
Crossroads had a visit from the police as part of our PSD lessons, the children were brilliant at answering questions and had fun trying on the hats and uniforms and sitting in the police car.
This week Crossroads have enjoyed a trip to the Zoo. What a lovely day we had and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The children had a fantastic day seeing all the animals.
This is probably the last blog of the year but we all hope you have a fantastic summer holiday!
Chris, Craig, Vicky, Joan, Abbie, Michelle, Sarah, Karen and Matt

Crossroads’ newsletter 27th April 2017


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Wow what a busy few weeks in Crossroads, at the end of last term we had our school production of “Little shop of horrors” – what a fantastic show it was. Super proud of all the children and all the hard work they put in to make the show the amazing finished production that it was. Then it was the holidays – we hope you all had a brilliant time, the children loved telling us all about the things they had done at home with you. Since coming back we have had a busy week in class getting ready for our St.George’s Day Parade that took place in Lytham last weekend. Lots of hard work from staff and parents meant that our float looked amazing and we won !!!!

Back to normal this week but still as busy as ever in Crossroads. In Literacy our story is ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ all about the animals in Africa and the adventures that they get up to. In Art we are learning about ‘Van Gogh’ and the children have been busy making a huge wall display based on the painting ‘Starry Night’. In Geography this term we are learning about Scotland and this week the children loved making their Loch Ness Monsters – some very good plasticine monsters floating around Crossroads.

In R.E we are leaning the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ the children have loved acting out the story and have been really good at talking about how all of the characters are feeling throughout the story. In Science we are learning all about plants and growing and the children chose some seeds to plant and we are going to watch them grow.

Have a fantastic weekend – we look forward to hearing all about it

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Michelle, Sarah, Abbie, Karen and Matt

Crossroads’ newsletter 16th March 2017


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A busy week in Crossroads – we have been rehearsing for our school show “Little shop of horrors” the children are fantastic in all their scenes and it’s going to be a fantastic show.

In literacy we have been doing some fantastic work on our story “Tiddler”. We have been making up our own stories about the adventures that we thought Tiddler could go on. In numeracy we have been adding and taking away numbers from groups, the children loved feeding the sharks “people”.

In history we pretended to be tudor sailors, we carried out the jobs that the sailors would have done onboard the ship. The children used brushes to “scrub the decks” and buckets to bail out water. In computing we learnt how to use the shredder and were very helpful shredding papers that people no longer needed. We worked on the smart board typing our names using the keyboard.

On Tuesday some of the class went out to a “Travel training” roadshow with Mark. A musical extravaganza which the children loved. The rest of us enjoyed a relaxing pamper session in class.

Homework this week is to listen to the songs that we are doing in “Little shop of horrors”

Have a fantastic weekend

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Abbie, Sarah, Michelle, Karen and Matt


Crossroads’ newsletter 3rd March 2017


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Wow March already! The weeks are going far too quick! Crossroads have had a lovely week this week and the children have all done some really fantastic work.

In literacy we have been reading our story “Tiddler”, the children are really enjoying this one as they get to join in a lot throughout the book. In the story, Tiddler tells tales to his friends of adventures that he goes on and the children have been thinking about an adventure that they would like Tiddler to go on. They are going to be turning their ideas into their own stories about Tiddler. In numeracy we are learning about time and the children have all worked really hard putting the days of the week in order.  We have sent this activity home for homework.

In DT we have been busy making flowers, the flowers will form part of the scenery for the school production of “Little shop of horrors”. Rehearsals for this are well under way and the children are loving it. In PE, AFC Fylde came in to deliver multiskills to us, the children really enjoyed this especially the dodgeball.

Thursday was a fantastic day as it was World book Day! The children looked fantastic. In the morning we had a sensory music story with Anna which the children loved. We then had a fabulous sensory story delivered by Rebecca called “Someone swallowed Stanley” the children loved this especially all the water!! It was a lovely story that delivered an important message to the children about not leaving litter on the floor. In the afternoon Jemma delivered a fantastic assembly where the children got to showcase the things they had made on the day – in Crossroads we made our very own “Stanleys” from the story. The recycling project competition was also judged and we had a winner in Crossroads – well done Harry !!

Have a fantastic weekend and tell us all about it on Monday

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Abbie, Sarah, Michelle, Karen and Matt

Crossroads’ newsletter 24th February 2017


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A fantastic first week back in Crossroads. We are now busy rehearsing for our school performance “Little shop of horrors” the children have been brilliant learning the routines. It’s definitely one not to be missed!

We have had a change in staff in Crossroads, Natasha has moved to Class 2 and we welcome Michelle into the Crossroads team.

News on Monday was lovely, all the children loved listening to all the things their friends had done over the half term holiday. Keep sending in your pictures, emails and notes in books as we love hearing what you have all been up to.

In literacy this week we have started reading our new story “Tiddler” about a fish who tells tall tales. In numeracy we are learning about time and this week took turns to see how many balls we could get into a box in 1 minute – the record was 37 achieved by Harry.

On Wednesday some of the boys took part in New Age Curling at the Lancashire championship in Blackburn. We were very proud of the team as they won !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Abbie, Sarah, Michelle, Karen and Matt

Crossroads’ newsletter 9th February 2017


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The last week of half term has flown by and the children in Crossroads have done some fantastic things in class. We have started rehearsals for our upper school production “Little shop of horrors” and it looks like it’s going to be a really good performance. Costume letters have been sent home for what your child will need for the show.

This week we have had some visitors in Crossroads. In R.E Shirin and her friend came in to talk to us about Islam, they brought with them lots of items for us to look at. The children loved wearing the traditional clothes and looking at the prayer beads. It was fascinating to listen to and I think the children learnt a lot. In D.T Chris’ mum came in to help us make some “Audrey 2” plants from Little shop of horrors, they look fantastic and the children had a great time making them.

Have a brilliant half term holiday

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Tasha, Abbie, Sarah, Karen and Matt

Safer internet day 7th February 2017


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Today we have learnt all about how to be safe while we use the internet. We read the story of “Digiduck” who had to make a decision about whether to share a picture of his friend on the internet or not, he realised that he would upset his friends if he did.

We looked at a variety of pictures and the children made a decision whether that was a picture they could or could not share on the internet. The children were all really good at knowing what information was appropriate to share.

Whilst we had lots of fun today, the children learnt some good lessons about how to stay safe on the internet.


Crossroads’ newsletter 3rd February 2017


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How are we in February already? The weeks are flying by. Lots of hard work from the children in Crossroads this week. In literacy we are all loving our story “Little shop of horrors” the children love the songs and are learning the words – I’m sure they have been singing them at home too. Rehearsals have begun this week for the school production as well. In numeracy we are learning about long and short, the children have been looking at pictures of some of their favourite things and deciding which one is long and which is short. Some of the children have been making long and short towers with bricks.

In computing this week we were operating a variety of ICT equipment, some of the children made phone calls to class to speak to their friends. Some of the children used the iPad to operate programmes through airserver on the smartboard. We all got to have a go on the Wii playing ten pin bowling, which was really good fun. Unfortunately the hall was out of action this week so we didn’t have any PE with Paula so we will have to work extra hard next week.

In music with Anna we were singing our song “She’ll be coming round the mountain” the children have learnt the words quickly and are all really good at joining in. They are also loving dancing to one of the songs from the film “Trolls” – “Can’t stop the feeling”. The children were all really good at playing instruments to make long and short sounds.

Have a fantastic weekend, we look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to 🙂

Chris, Vicky, Tasha, Joan, Abbie, Sarah, Karen and Matt