Building Houses and Homes


Posted by Sarah | Posted in General News | Posted on 16-11-2017

We have had yet another great week this week.  On the blog we will be letting you know how we have been getting on with our DT work.  The theme this half term is houses and homes with a construction element.   We start in the circle by looking at lots of different types of houses, trying hard to identify different features.  We also have had fun trying to find peoples houses on the internet which has been rather funny when the teachers can’t work our which house is theirs!  We then have gone on to different activities.  Some of us have been exploring a book which turns into a house and have enjoyed opening doors and cupboards.  Others have used lots of different types of bricks to try and build their own houses.  We have even been able to wear builder hats to get into the spirit of building.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing everyone’s news.

Crossroads team

2nd Half Term


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We have come back from our short half term break ready to learn and find out all of the new topics we will be learning about this half term.  It was really great to hear all of the wonderful things that the children had been getting up to over the holidays and they all seem to have had a good time.

This week on the blog we will be letting you know what we will be learning about this half term.  The overall topic is still witches and we will try to incorporate this into as many lessons as possible.  We will still be having weekly swimming, PE and music lessons as well as phonics sessions where we will continue to develop our skills in these areas.  This half term in crossroads we will be learning:

  • During Literacy we will be using the story of The Worst Witch to practice our reading skills
  • In Numeracy for the first half of the term we will be learning about capacity and making potions to help this.
  • In the second part of this half term, during Numeracy, we will be learning about addition and subtraction focusing on our number skills
  • During Science we will be continuing our learning about light but extending this to look at shadows, colours and using different lights
  • For History we will learn about the Romans
  • In DT we will be learning about houses and construction.  We will be making different houses out of different materials
  • In French we will continue our learning of numbers extending this to 10
  • During computing we will be learning about algorithms, which is instructions, so will be following instructions to make lots of different things.]
  • For PSD we will be learning about choices and practice making choices in lots of different situations
  • During RE we are continuing with our focus on life as a journey with a look at different ceremonies in the Christian faith.  We will of course be looking at the nativity and Christmas at the end of this term.

What a busy half term we will have in Crossroads

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to let us know what the pupils have been up to

Crossroads 🙂

It’s Half Term!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in General News | Posted on 27-10-2017

Well it is has been the last week before our half term holidays.  We have survived the first 8 weeks and managed to fit in lots of learning.  The children (and staff) have become used to the routines and expectations of being in crossroads and have made friends with each other.

In our learning we have:

  • Practiced reading skills using the story of Hansel and Gretel
  • Written our own potion recipes and made them (YUM!)
  • Counted and explored objects to 5, 10 and beyond
  • Looked at light and dark and the different sources that make light
  • Experienced different weathers and found out what we need for each one
  • Found out about christenings and had a go at acting out our own ceremony including a visit to a church
  • Looked at art by Andy Warhol and had a go at making our own pop art
  • Used different items of technology and found out what each one is used for

On top of all of this we have had weekly music and PE sessions, Diwali day, speak out stay safe week and a spooky Literacy day.

What a busy first half term we have had!

Have a great half term and we look forward to hearing all of the news from the children when we return.

Crossroads Team

Whiffy Wilson


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We have had another busy week in Crossroads. On Tuesday, we looked at Diwali in PE which was lots of fun. After listening to the story, we got to dress up in some lovely outfits and explored lots of different sensory lights.
This week in PSD we have been learning about our personal hygiene. We read Whiffy Wilson which is about a wolf who wouldn’t take a bath. We enjoyed looking at the story and smelling some of the disgusting smells. After finishing the story some of us learnt how to properly wash our hands whilst others went to have a shower and wash our hair.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend
See you all on Monday morning, looking forward to hearing your weekend news

1 2 3 4 5 and Beyond


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We have had yet another busy week this week in Crossroads.  We have been doing really well in all of our learning.  This weeks blog will fill you in on how super we are being in our numeracy lessons.  We have been learning about numbers and counting up to 10 and beyond.  Some of us have been comparing groups of objects and saying which has less or more.  Others have been counting a variety of objects and saying how many there are.  We use lots of different objects to keep us motivated and we enjoy these activities.  Some of us have been working to 5, others to 10 and others to 20.  Some of us have become really clever and can count beyond 20.

Next week it is a special week in school.  We are learning how to keep ourselves safe.  To start the week off we will be wearing green on Monday so don’t forget to send the children in with something green.

Have a fab weekend

Crossroads Team

Hansel and Gretel


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We have had another great week in crossroads this week in Crossroads.  On Tuesday someone from AFC Fylde came into PE to teach us some gymnastic skills which was great.

The main part of our blog this week will be letting you know what we are up to in our literacy lessons.  We are using the story of Hansel and Gretel to help us practice our reading and speaking skills.  After a circle session where we all enjoy listening to the story and exploring the props we go into our groups to focus our learning on the individual targets that we have.  Some of us continue to explore the props responding to them in different ways.  One group is practicing all of our reading skills to read the story. Others use the story to answer questions about what is happening and some of us use a communication board to prompt us in our answers.  Another group are working hard at learning to sequence pictures from the story.  We use these to then retell what happens during the story.  We have all worked hard and enjoy this story.


Have a great weekend and let us know what your child has been up to.

Crossroads Team

What’s the weather?


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This week on our class blog we will be letting you know what we have been getting up to in geography so far.  We are learning about the weather which is a good topic with all the various weather types we seemed to have at the moment.  The session starts with a story about a cloud who wants to be bigger so she can help people.  It turns out that she can make herself bigger to give the frogs back their pond which has dried up.  We enjoy exploring all the props and talking about the different weathers.  After the circle we go off into different activities.  Some of us have a sensory session exploring the different props to see which ones we like.  Others have a suitcase and we have to decide which items we would need for a sunny day and which ones for a cold or rainy day.  The last activity is to look at different pictures and talk about what the weathers are and what we  would need for this.  We really enjoy these and are getting really good at identifying the different weathers.

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to hearing all of the children’s news on Monday.


Welcome Back!


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A new school year has started and all the staff and children in Crossroads have got stuck straight into it.
There are new faces in Crossroads amongst the children and staff. Those children who have remained in class are showing the new ones what being in crossroads looks like. This who have moved up are proving that they were ready and have got stuck into the routines of a new class.
Staff wise we have a new team. Craig is our teacher, Vicky G is the level 3 teaching assistant and Michelle, Sarah, Mary and Chloe are the level 2 teaching assistants. We also have Matt who comes in to help us over the dinner time. During the week there will be other members of school staff who help us at various times.
For the first week blog we will let you know what daily life is like in Crossroads.  In the morning , when we arrive, there are activities for us to do which we enjoy choosing from.  Some of us get moved into different pieces of equipment ready to start learning.  Once we have all arrived we take part in an energetic dance to burn off some energy and wake up our bodies.  We then take part in a registration session where we find out who is in class as, as well as finding out what the day and date are and our timetable for the day.  We are then ready to start our learning.  Our lessons tend to follow the same structure of a circle time, followed by group activities and then a circle time to find out how we have got on.  After our first lesson we have a break time outside and then a snack.  We will then continue learning in another lesson.  This is followed by lunch time before our third lesson of the day.  We then have another break and a drink, followed by the fourth lesson of the day.  It is then time to go home.  It is a busy day and even when we are not in specific lessons we are learning all the time.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog over the next year and finding out what we have been learning.

Don’t forget to let us know what your child has been doing at the weekend.

Crossroads Team

Crossroads Newsletter 13th July 2017


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Wow! What a busy term we have had in Crossroads. We have enjoyed a fantastic MADD week, the children loved it and had a great time in all the various activities. We made some brilliant art work and displayed it on the final day. The children loved the music session (as always) with John Morrow.
We have also had healthy eating day where we enjoyed lots of food related activities. Crossroads picked their favourite ingredients to make their own smoothies with.
Maths day also took place where lots of different schools came to visit Pear Tree and enjoy the various maths activities on offer. This was lots of fun and Crossroads enjoyed their day.
Crossroads had a visit from the police as part of our PSD lessons, the children were brilliant at answering questions and had fun trying on the hats and uniforms and sitting in the police car.
This week Crossroads have enjoyed a trip to the Zoo. What a lovely day we had and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The children had a fantastic day seeing all the animals.
This is probably the last blog of the year but we all hope you have a fantastic summer holiday!
Chris, Craig, Vicky, Joan, Abbie, Michelle, Sarah, Karen and Matt

Crossroads’ newsletter 27th April 2017


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Wow what a busy few weeks in Crossroads, at the end of last term we had our school production of “Little shop of horrors” – what a fantastic show it was. Super proud of all the children and all the hard work they put in to make the show the amazing finished production that it was. Then it was the holidays – we hope you all had a brilliant time, the children loved telling us all about the things they had done at home with you. Since coming back we have had a busy week in class getting ready for our St.George’s Day Parade that took place in Lytham last weekend. Lots of hard work from staff and parents meant that our float looked amazing and we won !!!!

Back to normal this week but still as busy as ever in Crossroads. In Literacy our story is ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ all about the animals in Africa and the adventures that they get up to. In Art we are learning about ‘Van Gogh’ and the children have been busy making a huge wall display based on the painting ‘Starry Night’. In Geography this term we are learning about Scotland and this week the children loved making their Loch Ness Monsters – some very good plasticine monsters floating around Crossroads.

In R.E we are leaning the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ the children have loved acting out the story and have been really good at talking about how all of the characters are feeling throughout the story. In Science we are learning all about plants and growing and the children chose some seeds to plant and we are going to watch them grow.

Have a fantastic weekend – we look forward to hearing all about it

Chris, Vicky, Joan, Michelle, Sarah, Abbie, Karen and Matt