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Posted by Sarah | Posted in General News | Posted on 08-09-2017

A new school year has started and all the staff and children in Crossroads have got stuck straight into it.
There are new faces in Crossroads amongst the children and staff. Those children who have remained in class are showing the new ones what being in crossroads looks like. This who have moved up are proving that they were ready and have got stuck into the routines of a new class.
Staff wise we have a new team. Craig is our teacher, Vicky G is the level 3 teaching assistant and Michelle, Sarah, Mary and Chloe are the level 2 teaching assistants. We also have Matt who comes in to help us over the dinner time. During the week there will be other members of school staff who help us at various times.
For the first week blog we will let you know what daily life is like in Crossroads.  In the morning , when we arrive, there are activities for us to do which we enjoy choosing from.  Some of us get moved into different pieces of equipment ready to start learning.  Once we have all arrived we take part in an energetic dance to burn off some energy and wake up our bodies.  We then take part in a registration session where we find out who is in class as, as well as finding out what the day and date are and our timetable for the day.  We are then ready to start our learning.  Our lessons tend to follow the same structure of a circle time, followed by group activities and then a circle time to find out how we have got on.  After our first lesson we have a break time outside and then a snack.  We will then continue learning in another lesson.  This is followed by lunch time before our third lesson of the day.  We then have another break and a drink, followed by the fourth lesson of the day.  It is then time to go home.  It is a busy day and even when we are not in specific lessons we are learning all the time.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog over the next year and finding out what we have been learning.

Don’t forget to let us know what your child has been doing at the weekend.

Crossroads Team

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Glad to be back ! Thea had a brilliant first week, here’s to a great year !

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