Building Houses and Homes


Posted by Sarah | Posted in General News | Posted on 16-11-2017

We have had yet another great week this week.  On the blog we will be letting you know how we have been getting on with our DT work.  The theme this half term is houses and homes with a construction element.   We start in the circle by looking at lots of different types of houses, trying hard to identify different features.  We also have had fun trying to find peoples houses on the internet which has been rather funny when the teachers can’t work our which house is theirs!  We then have gone on to different activities.  Some of us have been exploring a book which turns into a house and have enjoyed opening doors and cupboards.  Others have used lots of different types of bricks to try and build their own houses.  We have even been able to wear builder hats to get into the spirit of building.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing everyone’s news.

Crossroads team

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