I Declare You Married!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in General News | Posted on 25-11-2017

It has been a funny week with the weather this week but the learning in Crossroads has continued.  This week, on the blog, we will be letting you know what we have been up to in our RE lessons.  The theme for the term has been life as a journey with the focus being on Christianity.  We have already looked at baptisms as the start of the Christian journey and also used the good Samaritan story to show us how we should live on life’s journey.  This week we have been looking at weddings as another step on the Christian journey.  We start by looking at all the things that need to be planned for a wedding including venue, food and dress.  We always have fun trying to act out the different ceremonies that we learn about so this week we held a wedding.  We had a bride and groom along with a vicar.  They wore relevant outfits and exchanged rings before being declared married.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing all the children on Monday.

Crossroads Team


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